Doctor Who Recommendations- The David Tennant era

One of if not the most popular Doctor of the new era, tenth incarnation actor Tennant is a huge Doctor Who fan and had been all his life. His dream came true.

1)Christmas Invasion introduces us to the new Doctor and just what kind of man he is.  

2)Girl in the Fireplace is a wild offering from Steven Moffat (the Robert Holmes of the new era) and this tale of monsters under the bed, girls in fireplaces and horses on a spaceship is forever a joy.

3)The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit is an ambitious thriller featuring a planet in stationary position above a black hole, hordes of possessed Ood and yes, Satan. Gabriel Woolf (Sutekh-Pyramids of Mars) once again returns as the voice of the Devil.

4)Smith and Jones. Far out Sci-fi concept with Judoon on the moon.

5)Human Nature/Family of Blood. The Doctor must become human and forget he’s a Time Lord to escape a predator species. But as a human, he creates a new life and actually becomes happy. When his happiness is torn asunder, these aliens have done the worst thing imaginable. They’ve angered the Time Lord.

6)Blink. One of the most popular stories of the new era of DW, that introduces the Weeping Angels. It’s one of the best, scariest eps ever and the Doctor is barely in it. Brilliant.

7)Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead. This scary reveal of the omnivores who live in shadows, the Vashta Narada, also introduce a very important figure in the Doctor’s life. His wife, River Song. A shame he doesn’t know her yet.

8)Midnight. Just watch it.

9)Turn Left. Powerful masterpiece where Donna Nobel is the most important woman in the universe. Does she have to die to save it? Catherine Tate is magnificent. 

10)Stolen Earth/Journey’s End. This is an all star outing, a reunion and an ending, chock full of thrills, chills, Daleks, Davros, and unbelievable cliffhangers.

11)Waters of Mars. Brilliant suspense as the Doctor breaks the rules of time and it costs him. See what happens because he’s the Time Lord, Victorius. 

Honorable mentions:

*Tooth and Claw- beautifully directed and action packed with Queen Victoria and a werewolf.

*School Reunion – the return of Sarah Jane Smith. ‘Nuff said.

*Love and Monsters – quirky, heartwarming Doctor lite ep.

*Army of Ghosts/Doomsday- big finale notable for major surprises, suspense and a big confrontation for the first time in 45 years.

*Utopia – worth watching for Derek Jacobi’s portrayal of Prof. Yana.

*Partners in Crime, a funny, engaging romp with the Doctor/Donna.

*The Fires of Pompeii- notable for not only the grand adventure but also featuring future eleventh Doctor companion Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), AND future 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi!

*Planet of the Ood – good story and excellent performance by Catherine Tate as Donna.

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