Half a year down, half a year to go.

That first half wasn’t so hard (or entertaining), was it?

So far, so good in this experiment where I post up a blog for 366 days straight. 

Once again, this was basically me just relating pretty much everything in one way or another about me. But I find that I’ve related most of my stories, remembrances, horrible mistakes — that I remember, anyway. Still a few more tales to pass on but I’ve already covered a lot of ground. Favorite this and that, also goofy stuff, things that makes me laugh, whether it’s stuff like The Purple Throbber or Horse Guy. 

I haven’t written much serious fiction at all. Most of my *actual* serious stuff has been serious enough. But that all brings us to the second half of the year and what it will hold. 

Side note: I’m *kind* of astonished that I got absolutely no reaction to my documenting the time I almost killed Linda’s parents (and us) back on the June 16th entry. I mean, that was an amazing event and very true. there was no exaggeration what so ever and frankly, I’m pretty damn proud that I was able to pull us out of that mess with our skins intact. That was me in a rare good moment! ah well.

This October, I think I’ll finally partake in “Inktober”, the fairly popular art exercise where the organizers send out an optional daily prompt word for inspiration and you draw something each day of the month. I will then post it up the same day or the day after, depending on the schedule. We’ll see where the experiment takes me. 

Since I’m basically presenting “the life of Rick” during this year, it seems only fitting that I devote a chunk of it to artwork. (I can put everything on a flash drive when I’m done and give a copy to the kids to pass along to future generations to explain who the weird old man was.)

I thought that during another month –not sure which one, I would revisit some of my past creations and projects to document things. So, basically everything from the past 25 years, from Mataak to The Swede. That might just start tomorrow on July 1st, with me peppering some of those creations throughout the month. Not every day, but they should pop in several days at least. I’ll add the title of the creation and the year.

Immediately following Inktober is “NaNoWriMo”, or National Novel Writing Month. The thought there is that those who wish to write, should attempt to hammer out 50,000 words during November as the start of a novel. 

Frankly, I’m not sure I’m up to that. When it comes to writing, I find I’m like a sprinting alligator — I’m good for short bursts, but no sustained speed or distance. A lot of this has to do with projects in general. I’m impatient and get very bored when something gets extended and drawn out. Maybe it has to do with my vocation and storyboards. Everything is hurry up and wait and crazy deadlines. 

So I kinda doubt I’ll be diving into NaNoWriMo but stranger things have happened. So, we’ll see. the more I think about it, the less I’m inclined to try it.

As for stories of my youth… like I say, I’ve covered most of the good, the bad and the ugly. There are some that I shan’t share as it might intrude on the privacy of others, as I wasn’t always the bad influence during these adventures. And I’ll probably never give the details of the Academy Christmas party where I was dressed like Jon Pertwee’s Doctor Who. Eh…. no. Really, nothing good can come of that. 

Stayed tuned for the ass end of 2020… 

Because the thing IS. 

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Storyboard and comic book illustrator/creator/publisher

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