Doctor Who Recommendations- The Matt Smith era

The youngest actor ever to play the Doctor, Smith was too young to have watched the classic show but when doing his homework after getting the part, he fell in love with Troughton’s portrayal in Tomb of the Cybermen.

1)The Eleventh Hour is a bold entrance for the new Doctor and Smith is in fine form, handling an invading alien crisis with an escaped criminal without any Tardis, sonic or his complete faculties. At the end, he IS the Doctor. So basically, “run”.

2)Amy’s Choice. A brilliantly creepy, oddball story featuring another an evil specter that seems to know the Doctor and enjoys torturing him and his companions by placing them in dreams and in danger. Excellent stuff.

3)Vincent and the Doctor. One of the most emotional and heartbreaking eps of the new era. Brilliantly written, directed and performed. Perhaps the best of the Smith era.

4)The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang. A massive story that has everything wrapped up in a big box. Under Stonehenge. Threatened by all the races the Doctor’s ever gone up against. Surprises, twists and “timey-wimey” insanity as only Moffat can deliver.

5)A Christmas Carol. One of the finest specials of the new era gives us a DW spin on the old classic story. Fun and heartwarming.

6)The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon. One of the most ambitious stories ever from Moffat, which brings us the Silence. Scary aliens in suits that you forget the second you look away from them. Epic story.

7)A Good Man Goes to War. Once again, swinging for the fences, another huge story, as the military clergy and the headless monks have Amy and her baby hostage. The Doctor and Rory are coming to rescue them, and they’re not alone. The Doctor calls in his debts. It’s war.

8)Let’s Kill Hitler is worth it just for the title alone, but the continuing story of River is a great bonus, as is her furthered relationship with the Doctor.

9)The Girl Who Waited is a powerful tale, with an excellent performance by Gillan.

10)Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. This is the fun that Doctor Who should be. 

11)The Angels Take Manhattan is a solemn, spooky tale that ends Rory and Amy’s time with the Doctor. Emotional and excellent.

12)The Name of the Doctor is a frightening and powerful look at the Doctor and his secrets, as he’s beset by the evil that is The Great Intelligence. It’s also a great lead in to…

13)The Day of The Doctor. The biggest television event in history, shown simultaneously in over 90 countries, 50 years to the day from the first episode’s airing in 1963. The story lived up to all of it. Every hope, every expectation, every Doctor was represented…and then some! Can not recommend this one highly enough.

Honorable mentions:

*The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone. Great big story, with River, Weeping Angels military clergy and the crack in time.

*The Lodger, a great, fun, down to earth episode. Smith shines.

*The Doctor’s Wife. The Tardis takes human form. Good ep.

*God Complex. Oddball ep but worth it.

*The Wedding of River Song. The complex but very enjoyable end to Series 6.

*Cold War. A worthy entry for the return of the Ice Warriors.

*Journey to the Center of the Tardis. Bit of a hidden gem, where you see more of the old girl than at any time so far. Good ep.

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