“The Swedes” from The Umbrella Academy- Very Probably not Plagiarism…

I’m currently half way through the second season of The Umbrella Academy, a very well done show on Netflix. It tells the story of seven people with various superpowers who were all born on the exact same day 30 years ago under very mysterious circumstances. Each were also purchased as infants by the eccentric scientistContinue reading ““The Swedes” from The Umbrella Academy- Very Probably not Plagiarism…”

But She Also Can Act

I think it might have been while watching The Devil’s Advocate, probably when it first came out in ’97. Pretty good flick, and I thought “You know, this girl Charlize Theron is good but let’s face it, she’s no Ashley Judd.” And I started referring to her as the poor man’s Ashley Judd. This ofContinue reading “But She Also Can Act”

The Ensign’s Log Podcast

Communications, open. Steve Shives puts a lot of content out on the internet. A LOT. he puts out several series of videos on YouTube, at varying degrees of quality. The one I’m most familiar with is “Trek Actually”, a series of videos where he talks about all aspects of Star Trek. In it, he meticulouslyContinue reading “The Ensign’s Log Podcast”

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