The title will eventually make sense but this was something that happened many years ago…. It was cold, close to the holidays, and Sheree’s parents were leaving town. Sheree was a nice girl– I think. I don’t remember how well we knew her at the American Academy of Art back in the early ’80’s. ButContinue reading “CRUNCH, KRONK, CHUNG”

Doctor Who part 5

In 1987, as Doctor Who was at its nadir, us Star Trek fans were starved for more Trek and we got Star Trek: The Next Generation. It didn’t matter that the majority of the first two seasons were not great. The fans were starving for it and we’d forgive anything. In 2005, us Who fansContinue reading “Doctor Who part 5”

Doctor Who part 4

The early 1980’s saw an all time high in popularity for Doctor Who in the US and in the U.K., 1982-85 saw great ratings for all three of 5th Doctor Peter Davison’s seasons, as well as the first season of 6th Doctor Colin Baker. The show was really in excellent shape, with Colin’s first seasonContinue reading “Doctor Who part 4”

Doctor Who part 3

It’s 1981, and I’m swimming in the world of Doctor Who. It had been a year since I discovered it and researched the history of the first four Doctors. Imagine my shock, after finally getting my bearings, hearing that after seven years, Tom Baker was stepping down to regenerate into Doctor number five, in theContinue reading “Doctor Who part 3”

The Doctor Who Addiction part 2

So, having discovered this strange show called Doctor Who one day in 1980, I quickly became an avid fan, watching new 25 minute episodes each day. I can’t remember how soon it would be before we actually owned a VCR so I could tape them but I think it was fairly soon after I startedContinue reading “The Doctor Who Addiction part 2”

How *did* this Doctor Who addiction start? (Probably Part 1)

The year is 1980. I’m puttering around the house, local PBS station on in the background. Suddenly, I hear this music. Eerie, different…enough to get me looking at what’s going on. The screen is filled with a blue tunnel effect…we’re speeding down it. A blue box appears and is traveling down the tunnel. Then thisContinue reading “How *did* this Doctor Who addiction start? (Probably Part 1)”

The Big Disney Trip

It was probably around a decade ago that the four us made THE trip to Disney World. We’d been there a few times before when the kids were younger but now they were in their early to mid teens and we’d passed the point of having to constantly keep an eye on them, which madeContinue reading “The Big Disney Trip”

“The Swedes” from The Umbrella Academy- Very Probably not Plagiarism…

I’m currently half way through the second season of The Umbrella Academy, a very well done show on Netflix. It tells the story of seven people with various superpowers who were all born on the exact same day 30 years ago under very mysterious circumstances. Each were also purchased as infants by the eccentric scientistContinue reading ““The Swedes” from The Umbrella Academy- Very Probably not Plagiarism…”

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