Beef Log from Enzo’s

While polling the family for possible blog content, my daughter had some ideas. One of which was reviewing certain foods. Now, they’re currently ordering a beef log or some kind of meat log from a place called Enzo’s I believe. The whole bit here is that I’ll write up the pre and post log thoughts. Frankly, I think Theresa’s just starving.

As I type this on Friday evening, awaiting the log drop, I find I have no preconceived notions on how this will be or if it’ll be any good. Theresa said it was amazing but then again, I don’t know how hungry she was the last time she had it. 

To hold myself over an hour ago, I had a slice of tomato with a chunk of fresh mozzarella, seasoning and basil on it. THAT was excellent. 

Now… I wait for the log. 


So we had the beef log. Basically beef rolled up in a pastry, seasoned indiscriminately with garlic or garlic salt, sliced off into squares and the whole thing came delivered in a pizza box with a couple containers of Au jus. 

The beef was tasty yet not distinctive and I think it works best in tandem with the bread wrapped around it yet it gives moisture to the bread. I rate it… 6.8 out of 10.


My wife says the Au jus helps it along but I’m on the fence about Au jus.

I instinctively recoil from Au jus because in the past, I didn’t like my bread soggy. I didn’t embrace the moisture.


But the last couple times we had beef sandwiches, you know I actually find that I liked adding more juice to the sandwiches, so maybe I should stop recoiling from Au jus and just dive in.


But I ended up having four pieces through the evening (2 in 2 sittings), and although it seemed to be plenty moist enough, you’d think I would have at least tried some Au jus sauce. 

But actually, I do know why. If you take a container of Au jus with you and your sandwich, that’s a dipping/spilling hazard. Tactically, it would have been fine for the two pieces at the kitchen table, but not when I was transporting the sandwiches back to the front room to watch the John Mulaney. I’m not really a Big Dipper anyway.

Speaking of Big Dipper, have you sought out stuff with Neil deGrasse Tyson yet, like Cosmos? 

No? Okay, well you suck then and you don’t know what you’re missing. 

I *should* do a blog just on John Mulaney because the guy is frankly hilarious. Former writer on SNL, he’s got three hour long stand up specials on Netflix and during two of them, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. He did “New Kid in Town” from 2012 which is very funny but Comeback kid (2015) and Kid Gorgeous (2018) are even better. Boom. There’s a blog.

When you watch the specials, why not have a big beef log from Enzo’s, with Au jus on the side? I guess they have a meatball version too. Whoduthunkit? Enzo’s!


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