Mascot — fall 2000

By this point, I had the distribution/solicitation/marketing thing down pat. 

I put together for Mascot, a story set in a bizarre sector of the Twilight Zone. Basically, in an abandoned baseball field, a large bunch of baseball mascots (giant foam heads, uniforms) all battle to the death. The things I do to amuse myself. To be clear, there’s not necessarily anyone *wearing* the costumes. There’s a pirate, a Marlin, a Giant, a Tiger, etc., all just beating the hell out of each other. In an empty ball field.

It was bizarre, odd, violent and kind of fun, although I don’t think anyone really understood it, and if so, that’s on me. And I certainly didn’t help matters when I did the stupid cover.

The cover was simply the logo over a photo of clouds, with a hint of baseball park lighting in the lower corner. This was a huge tactical error on my part and especially stupid considering I’m painfully aware of just how important covers are in selling a book. 

So sue me, I was in a cloud phase. 

Why…. why not a couple Mascot heads on a baseball mound? Something to actually give an indication as to what might be happening IN the book?!?! Whatever my thought process was here… it was wrong. Lesson learned. 

Plenty of copies of Mascot are still in the basement, I think. I probably threw some boxes out by this point. I’m not sure. 

And there was a back up story as well. Something along the lines of the Pillsbury Doughboy coming alive at breakfast time and killing people. Then I was reminded that one of my clients did the advertising for pillsbury and I did some tweaking. Either way, this was not award winning material. Moving on…

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Storyboard and comic book illustrator/creator/publisher

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